what our clients say

Very helpful and efficient.


January 10, 2022

Very friendly and professional staff with the expertise and knowledge I was hoping for. Thank you for your hard work and persistence with our issue.

Power Flex Cables

December 23, 2021

Very swift service, with little paperwork and success for our first claim.

Waiheke Plumbing & Gas

November 1, 2021

Slater Byrne was great to deal with
The communication was fabulous and prompt. There was no mucking around and a very quick turn around.

Definitely recommend and we will certainly use them again if required.


October 28, 2021

We sent two overdue accounts to Slater Byrne and have had immediate success. The first has paid within 24 hours which is amazing given their total disregard to our attempts at recovering the monies outstanding.

Sometimes that 3rd party intervention is what it takes

Gary Rees

October 26, 2021

Very professional and effective service, my debt was surprisingly recovered within a short period. Highly recommend.


Michael M.

October 06, 2021
For a first time user of a debt collection agency I found Slater Byrne Recoveries to be helpful and prompt. They explained everything I needed to know, acted quickly and successfully recovered my money. They handled negotiations in a situation where I was past wanting any contact with my customer. 10/10 would recommend.


September 17, 2021
Very efficient and easy process and the client paid quickly so a great result.

Olivia Prince

September 20, 2021


September 21, 2021
Thanks to Garth and the Team and Slater Gordon !


September 27, 2021
Annabelle and the team were absolultey great! They made everything run so smoothly and were so prompt in answering any questions we had.

Megan Vella

September 27, 2021
Slater Byrne were great from the first email  Very fast Efficient and on the ball  Outcome was what I expected  Thanks very much for your help and will be utilizing Slater Byrne for all future matters  Chris Jims Landscaping

Chris Meilak

September 29, 2021

Effective and Result-Driven Debt Collection in Australia

Leave the Stress of Debt Collection to Us

Slater Byrne are a commission based debt collection agency operating across Australia.

We specialise in helping all types of businesses and companies recover overdue accounts and improve cash flow.

We are different to others in that we aim to find the underlying cause of why you’re not being paid and strive to resolve the issues you may be facing.

By taking this approach, we have always had great success in getting debts paid whilst at the same time maintaining your client relationships.

If you have the appropriate clause included in your Contract or Terms & Conditions, we can add the Recovery Costs on top of the overdue balance.

We are a commission based service and only get paid on the monies that we collect.

Simply put, if we do not collect the debt, we do not get paid.

What better incentive is there than that to ensure that Slater Byrne is driven to recover your bad debt.

On our reviews page, you will see that we are unique in our approach and are not like most other firms.

Trusted by over 5000 companies in Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing your debt to an experienced debt collection agency has many benefits. It allows your business to:

    • Improve its cash flow
    • Focus on its core functions
    • Reduce its operating costs
    • Improve quality of service

In an environment of rising bad debt, consumer credit stress, and increased mobility, your debtors may be on the move. Losing touch with them can cost you money and threaten your cash flow. Slater Byrne Recoveries (SBR) subscribes to various databases that allow us to cross-check your debtors against a variety of comprehensive and reliable data sources and fast-track the debtor location process. This gives us an edge when it comes to tracking people down. Our service allows you to locate your debtors quicker and get your cash flow back on track. Simply locating your debtor can be the difference between recovery and write-off.

Once the solicitors start the legal process, what usually happens is the debtor will obtain legal representation and the process of backwards and forwards begins.

A litigation assessment is taken out on every debt – if we have attained information about the debtor and can see no key assets or benefits to legal proceeding, we will then advise you not to proceed. We will provide a platform for the litigation lawyer to use correct and intelligent information for proceedings. We will quote you costs up front (no surprises) and the cost will be much cheaper as we get wholesale prices on legal fees.

Our initial consultation will explore what services would best suit your needs. Different clients have different needs. Also, every debt is different, so each one needs to be handled differently to get a good result.

SBR requires certain information on your customer(s) and where possible, you should supply the following: written agreements, Director’s Guarantee, copy of dishonour cheques and copy of statements or outstanding invoices. If in doubt, contact our collection experts and they will clarify your query immediately.

Our commission charges are paid at a percentage of the debt we collect. If you have a signed written agreement from your customer which states they have agreed to pay these fees, SBR can add these fees on top. If a matter proceeds legally, you will be pre-quoted as to what this cost will be. Legal fees are mostly recoverable, however they are at the discretion of the court. We try to recover every last expense and if you obtain a judgment, interest will be added on top of the amount you are awarded from the date of the debt.

Generally, this should be done if your customers exceeds your credit terms and you have contacted them more than three times or if you have customer(s) over 90 days plus and have had no response or payment. If your customer(s) are refusing to pay your account and they have exceeded your credit terms – act immediately. The faster the account is handed to a collection agency, the better the result!

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