How to lodge a debt online with Slater Byrne Recoveries

Lodge a debt online with Slater Byrne Recoveries in three easy steps: Go to the website and click the Start Collecting Now button, fill out the form, and press Submit. That’s it!

But if you’re still confused, here’s a short step-by-step video we prepared to help you get your debt collection started!

Easy Lodge Online with Slater Byrne

We have an easy lodge process. After you lodge a debt with us online via our website, an accounts manager will send you an email for you to sign the appointment of a commercial agent form. We endeavour to collect the debts within 21 days or 3 weeks.

Debt Collection Process with Slater Byrne

Here’s a brief run through of our typical debt collection process:

  • Day 1 – We send out a “soft” letter advising the debtor that we have been engaged as debt collector and giving them 7 days for payment.
  • Day 8 – We send a Reminder Notice advising legal action will be an option for our client should we not receive payment. We then give seven days for payment. Oftentimes, we skip this step at the request of our clients.
  • Day 15 – We send a Notice of Impending Legal Action with a warning that we can now lodge a Credit Default.

We make phone calls/send text messages during the 15-day period to try and contact the debtor to reiterate what are stated in the letters. Any payment arrangement or settlement offer made by the debtor will be referred to you for you to accept or reject or counter.

Important Debt Collection Reminders

How do I pay off Slater Byrne debt collectors?

We are success & performance based – if we do not collect, we don’t charge a commission – we do not have any ongoing fees or contracts.

How does debt collection start?

After lodging a debt online, you will be appointed a personal Account Manager who will communicate every stage of your collection process and the result attained.

What documents do you need to submit when you lodge a debt?

To chase the debt, we would require any invoices, contracts and any other documentation you may have relating to the debt. Learn more about what documents we need from you to ensure you get paid.

If, at the end of the process, we have not recovered the debt, we advise you on the legal options, although no legal advice, available to you at that time. You are under no obligations to proceed.

We are a commission-based debt collection agency with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. We can collect debts for overseas companies as long as the debtors are located in Australia.

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