Mindstar Partnership With Slater Byrne Recoveries

Mindstar partnership with Slater Byrne Recoveries join the two service providers’ vision ‘to help people be their best’. Slater Byrne acknowledges the financial strain of overdue debts can be stressful on your bank balance but also on your mental wellbeing.

Nearly one in 10 Australians will experience some type of anxiety each year – around one in 12 women and one in eight men. One in four people will experience an anxiety at some stage of their lives.

Mental Health Foundation of Australia
Slater Byrne Recoveries and Mindstar Partnership

We believe in the health and wellbeing for you and your family. The Mindstar partnership was easy because we want to provide you with reliable, trusted support which uses a convenient platform for those who are time poor. As part of our support, Slater Byrne Recoveries every six months will provide an initial consultation at no cost*.

People keep saying that e-health is the future of healthcare. Welcome to Mindstar. The future of healthcare is here right now.

Mindstar provides premium leadership support, wellbeing coaching & premium EAP. The Mindstar partnership extends these premium services to Slater Byrne Recoveries clients as well. 

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