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Effective Letter of Demand

Debt recovery is a multi-stage process that involves subtle to more forceful actions. A letter of demand is an act of last resort in the debt recovery process. It becomes necessary when your repeated attempts to recover unpaid debts have failed. You use a letter of demand only when you have made […]

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Collecting Debts for Aged Care Facilities

The aged care system by the Australian government aims to provide its aging population support either through home assistance or through retirement living in residential aged care home. According to the Department of Health and Aged Care, the number of older Australians needing aged care support services grew through the

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Slater Byrne Recoveries

Making a financial health checklist to know the status of your business will allow you to make informed financial decisions so you can better allocate resources for your business to operate with a positive cash flow. Regularly evaluating the financial health of your company is one of the best business

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The Importance of Obtaining an ACN/ABN from Your Clients

Debt collection is an important part of any business. When your debt collection process is in disarray, your data is all over the place possibly resulting in erroneous invoices and delayed payments. An effective debt collection process starts with a highly organized system where all information relating to your customers

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Statutory Demands in Australia

A Statutory Demand is one of the most effective and efficient ways to recover a bad debt; however, not many utilize it or understand how and when to use it. At Slater Byrne Recoveries, we try to make the Statutory Demand process simple for our clients, so they can understand

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