Case Studies

Debt Negotiation Skills

Slater Byrne Recoveries received a lodgment of a debt totalling AU$212,728.92 for business management solutions services. The Client informed us that they contacted the company for payment before but hit a wall when the debtor refused to pay. As the unpaid amount was already two years overdue, the Client decided […]

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Collecting Debts for Aged Care Facilities

The aged care system by the Australian government aims to provide its aging population support either through home assistance or through retirement living in residential aged care home. According to the Department of Health and Aged Care, the number of older Australians needing aged care support services grew through the

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Debt Collection Using Credit Default and Stat Demand

A Client recently engaged Slater Byrne Recoveries to help collect a three-year-old debt. The Client referred this debt to another debt recovery company last year but that firm was unable to collect the amount and, thus, the debt remained outstanding. To recover the amount, we employed a two-pronged strategy that

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Debt Collection with Good Outcome for Debtor

Many businesses struggling with managing their debt are afraid to pick up the phone for fear it would be the debt collectors. With numerous stories of harassment, it is no wonder that there is general mistrust towards debt collectors. Because of this, you’ve probably never heard a debtor compliment a

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Debt Collection for Aged Care Facility in Australia

In a debt collection case for an aged care facility, Slater Byrne Recoveries recouped the full amount of $68,114.32, plus $7,492.57 in commission. In another case for the same Client, we facilitated a payment plan for a debtor who had an outstanding unpaid amount of $103,866.85.

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