Slater Byrne Recoveries Case Study: Recovering Old Debts

Slater Byrne Recoveries Case Study: Recovering Old Debts
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This case is a great example of how quickly the Slater Byrne Recoveries team can help clients recover funds that are several years old. In this particular instance, not only was the debt long overdue, but the customer who owed the monies had also stopped responding to payment requests.

The Predicament

Our client in this case is a supplier and retailer of kids and baby clothes in Sydney. They approached our team at Slater Byrne Recoveries to assist with the recovery of a debt in the sum of approximately $40,000. This debt was for a supply of clothing to a retail store.

Finally, the client decided it was time to turn the matter over to the professionals.

The Solution

On our engagement, Slater Byrne Recoveries immediately began researching the customer and attempting to find the correct person responsible to pay the debt. Our client had stopped receiving any responses to their requests for payment, which indicated the possibility that the messages were not getting to the right contact person.

We began contacting 5 separate departments in the company and informing them that we would take legal action if the debt remained unpaid. We also advised them that we will immediately be lodging credit defaults on the company, which will impact their ability to obtain finance or credit.

The Outcome

Shortly after we began communication, we started receiving responses from company. We had requested them to provide all invoices relating to the outstanding amount as over the years they were able to send small partial payments to our client. The invoices were promptly sent to us and we were told that the company had scheduled for the full amount to be paid.

In less than two weeks of being engaged, Slater Byrne Recoveries was able to reach the right contact person, advise them on the consequences of non-payment, and successfully collect the full payment for our client.

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