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Why You Need to Research Your Client’s ABN

Posted on September 18th, 2019 by: Liam | Case Studies

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of obtaining ACN and ABN from potential clients—especially if you’re planning to extend them credit. These numbers serve as an extra layer of protection against bad debt as they allow you to determine who you’re conducting business with, which in turn makes the collection process easier.

How to Secure Your Funds and Get Your Debts Paid Faster

Posted on June 26th, 2019 by: Liam | Case Studies

Time is of the essence when it comes to debt collection. The longer you allow invoices to go unpaid, the lower your chances are of successful recovery. But if you are quick to take action and you partner with the right people, then you can save yourself from bad debts. This case study shows how

Slater Byrne Recoveries Case Study: Recovering Old Debts

Posted on September 11th, 2018 by: Liam | Case Studies

This case is a great example of how quickly the Slater Byrne Recoveries team can help clients recover funds that are several years old. In this particular instance, not only was the debt long overdue, but the customer who owed the monies had also stopped responding to payment requests. The Predicament Our client in this

The Dragon Group: A Case Study

Posted on September 10th, 2018 by: Liam | Case Studies

Slater Byrne Recoveries currently acts for The Dragon Group—one of Sydney’s leading experts in labour hire, permanent placement, and property development. The company initially contacted out team to help clean up their debtor’s ledger and do a collect out on their debtors. But soon enough, we found that there was more to be done in

Shore Hire Pty Ltd – Case Study

Posted on September 4th, 2018 by: Liam | Case Studies

Fast Action and Resolution of a Large Debt and a Difficult Customer For this case, our client is Shore Hire Pty Ltd, a large and fast-growing company in Australia that hires a range of shoring, propping, and traffic equipment. The Problem On this occasion, Shore Hire ran into trouble with one of their customers—a large