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Making a financial health checklist to know the status of your business will allow you to make informed financial decisions so you can better allocate resources for your business to operate with a positive cash flow. Regularly evaluating the financial health of your company is one of the best business […]

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Court Ruling on CGT Concession Affects Small Businesses

A federal court in Australia recently issued a ruling that would affect how small businesses can avail of the new capital gains tax or CGT concession.  The business owner used an adjacent property as a shed to house tools and equipment. The business owner uses the tools and equipment in his bricklaying

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End of Financial Year: 5 Tips to Prepare Your SME

The end of the financial year can be an extremely hectic time for small business owners as they try to balance their usual workload with bookkeeping, tax paperwork, and other EOFY tasks. If you’re not careful, you might end up burnt out in front of your computer, surrounded by mounds

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More Australian SMEs Struggle to Collect Payment from Clients

Chasing after clients for unpaid invoices is not exactly the easiest thing that a business owner has to do. But it is something that comes with the territory, so they usually take it in their stride and accept the challenge. However, in the past couple of years, this challenge has

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3 Crucial Failures of SMEs and How You Can Avoid Them

It has been reported that small and medium enterprises are among the top drivers of Australia’s economy, contributing around 57 percent of the country’s GDP and employing roughly 7 million people. However, these impressive numbers only speak of the SMEs that are lucky enough to survive past the first few years operation.

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