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Located Slater Byrne in online search to recover some bad debts. I have since recommended them to people I know who are having problems with people/businesses not paying. Management contacted me via phone very quickly. Rhonda was helpful and kept in touch as to what was happening with my account, she persisted and eventually was able to clear one of the debts for me. The others werent as successful but that was not her fault. Thank you heaps

Angela Hart

I used the services of Slater Byrne Recoveries with some trepidation. The Company is totally Professional and Efficient and the debt owing was fully recovered. Five Star Service

Robyn Kennedy

Located Slater Byrne on line for a couple of bad debts we had outstanding. Have also recommended them to another company I deal with. Both Management and staff ( Greg & Sandra ) have been informative and kept me up to date with information in regard to recovering the debt. Would not hesitate to recommend them.

Nancy Hicks

We had a large bad debt (from our perspective at least) for which we worked together with Slater & Byrne to resolve. At times i felt that Slater & Byrne did need some prompting in dealing with our client who was playing dead and very difficult to get any information from, however, at the end of the day, between ourselves and Slater & Byrne we managed to escalate the mater and did manage to get the debt paid so i felt that the time and money spent resolving the debt was fair for all.

Darren Miller

When no-one would help me collect a minor debt that was simply a matter of principle, Slater Byrne agreed to work with me. Ashleigh was wonderful – gentle yet authoritative and persuasive. Recovered the full amount with no fuss. She’s committed and persevering, always keeping the customer in the loop. I could not recommend Slater Byrne Recovery more highly. If they managed to do this for me, imagine what they could do for you!

Sandy Kaye Presents

We started using Slater Byrne Recoveries because finding the time to chase up debts was becoming all too hard, now they are our first call when we have outstanding or overdue accounts. I don’t know how they do it.

Brian Smith

Not only did they help me recover a debt but they gave me valuable advice about my terms and conditions to make things easier in the future.

Jonathan Sharp

Slater & Byrne rock!! They have assisted me in a professional manner and most importantly, helped me in retrieving an annoying debt. SLater & Byrne I salute you!!

John Rudd

Hey Ashleigh
I can confirm that I have received everything.
Just want to say a massive thank you to you! Because without you guys I would still be going round in circles.

Lawrence Bourke – Bourke Fibre Optic Solutions Pty Ltd

Thanks Sandra. I thought has much but really appreciate your time, effort and advice to get us to this point. That is something we did not get from the previous debt collection service we were using.

Joanne – Operations Manager

Firstly well done on getting the Debt back for us, Sandra I cant thank you enough for the follow up you did with ensuring we got the full amount of funds back. Please note they also paid the additional amount overnight which was a nice surprise.

Jay Rogers – Director, Boutique Health

Thanks Ashleigh, We are really happy with the work done on this file. Any more debts that we have will be coming your way. Kind regards

Accounts Receivable

Hi Sandra, Just wanted to let you know everything has come through on our end. Thank you so much for all your help on this case! Has been very straightforward dealing with you and SB and the lawyers throughout this process over the several months it took. It was great to get a positive result.

Alex, Accounts Payable

Having just received your emails with the statement and invoice showing that the debt owed to myself has been paid in full, I am over the moon. I can’t thank you enough for all the assistance you have given me. It was only by chance that a family member mentioned to me to try a debt recovery agency and then I spent a day on my computer researching debt recovery agencies. After exhaustive research, I decided it was worth a try and from the information presented on your website, I chose Slater Byrne as I considered you to be the best fit for my circumstances. I am so glad I made that decision and contacted your company.

It is my birthday on Thursday, so this is the best birthday present I could possibly receive!

Thank you again for all your assistance which I found very professional and which you took all the stress of recovering the money away from me.

I wish you all the best.


Thank you so much Garth & Ashleigh for your exemplary service, it is so refreshing to have such a friendly & helpful collection agency.

I always recommend your services to anyone looking to collect from outstanding clients.

Leanne French – Accounts, HR, Administration Mgr

I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with Sandra Chary who you referred to us to handle our case and I cannot thank her enough for the work she has done to resolve our case.

Sandra has been very efficient, keeping in regular contact with us and extremely prompt with emails. She certainly has some tenacity and “bite” to get the job done and I felt confident I could pass it over to relieve my stress and “leave it in her capable hands” to deal with and we trusted her judgement on when to push further and threaten legal action. I am very (VERY!) happy to say that after much to-ing and fro-ing we agreed to a payment term of 4 months and we received our first instalment yesterday.

I have no doubt if we had continued trying by ourselves to receive payment, the funds would never have seen the light of day and I am so thankful John chose to contact you and your company back in November to take this on.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you for your time.

Kimi McKitrick

Thank you Ashley.

I have to say that your administration in collecting debts is exemplary, and far exceeds my previous experience with other organisations.
Thank you for your help.

Ray Tolcher – Tolcher Advisory

Made one phone call to Slater Byrne recovery and they did the rest. What amazing customer service. Very personalised and professional. Dealing with Garth was hassal free and he was able to collect the outstanding debt in a very short period of time.

Thankyou Garth for taking control, and provided me with great service.

Lamia Frangi

I thought I would never see my debt paid, especially since my non-paying and very difficult client had moved overseas! I had tried numerous times to contact the client to be paid, with no response at all.

However, Chris from Slater Byrne brought in the cash for me! I honestly still can’t believe it, Chris is obviously highly skilled in his job and knew exactly what language to use and ‘buttons’ to push to get me a great result and get paid!

Not only did I get paid from a painful client, but Chris was extremely pleasant to work with the whole time making the process so much easier and stress free, I really felt like I was being well looked after and in very good hands. It was such a relief not to have to deal with any of it myself anymore, because Chris had my back! If I ever have debt collection problems again, I will most certainly be using Slater Byrne, no doubt about it!

Shelley Nedev, Owner and Director of Amari Property Styling

We are extremely happy with the service that Slater Byrne provides us, in particular the service we receive from Ashleigh. Ashleigh is always efficient, has a lot of knowledge on all legal matters in relation to debt collection and always keeps us informed on the progress of each case.

Semantha Cleaver

I have really appreciated and cannot fault the persistence, support and guidance provided to us through a fairly challenging collection proceeding. I would highly recommend your services and have no concerns in approaching you again should the need arise!

Brendon Lines

As an Electrical contractor, I often have difficulty recovering debt. In the past I have engaged debt recovery companies. After a couple of unpleasant experiences, I vowed never to use one again. However, I decided to have one more try. I had learnt more and was less likely to be mislead. Slater Byrne Recoveries have made things so easy and pleasant. It was a small debt but I was treated with true professionalism, kept up to date and above all, achieved a desired result. This company will certainly be my choice next time.

Geoff Lotton

Great news. Thank you so much for sorting this out form me, you have saved me a great deal of stress. Without your help, this would have continued forever. I hope I’m never in this situation again, but I will certainly be recommending you to anyone who needs assistance recovering bad debts. I’m very happy with the outcome and confirm that this contract has now been finalised in full.

Karen Gummerson

Hi Ashleigh, Thanks for that. I don’t know how you did it but whatever you guys said worked !! Thanks again.

Tim Kullack, Managing Director, Perth Recruitment Services

Once again thank you, to your team as I have received all outstanding money owning. We moved on this one quickly as their last day of trading was the 20/11/2015.

Richard Sckaff, Director, R & N Sckaff Enterprises Pty Ltd

I just can’t thank you enough for all your support in getting out payments from difficult clients like Josef. Yes, we have lost a lot of money in terms of waiting for over 6 months and also the fees we paid for collection, but it is better than loosing everything Thank you very much again and we will keep in touch should we encounter more such difficult situations.

Chris, Cross Digital India

I write this review of Slater Byrne a company I can to by a chance sighting on Face book. One phone call to their professional and very understanding personal made me feel comfortable putting my recovery of the debt in this capable company’s hands. The next step was an interview with Ashleigh who was extremely helpful and very patient, she was able to send me on the correct track to locating all the evidence that I would require for a successful recovery of the money I was owed. I am very happy to recommend Slater Byrne to anyone who requires a small or in my case large debt to be successfully recovered.

Reg Phillips

It has been nothing but a pleasure dealing with you over the past few months Ashleigh, it is unfortunate that (name withheld) hasn’t brought this to a conclusion.

The service I’ve received from Slater Byrne has been second to none.

Daryl Orillaza

Eddie, thanks very much for your call and advice that this file has been concluded. I appreciate the work you have done which has been very professional, and I think the matter has come to a good conclusion considering its age when we handed it to you. Thanks & Regards.

Bill Cotter Registered Liquidator, B.Bus, CA, IPA, Director

I would like to thank you so much for allocating Eddie to handle our account. I believe he was so effective in collecting our school fees, yet breaking the wall of fear from being a debt collector. He knows our community very well, and knows how to deal with them. As such, we would appreciate if he stays handling our accounts.

Talal El Moukaddem, Finance Manager Rissalah College Ltd

Thank you for your professional and prompt service in collecting the above debt. Should we need collection services in the future we will certainly be speaking to you again. We have also recommended you to others. Many thanks.

Jeanne, Accounts Mid Coast Piling and Drilling Secondary

He is a character, you’re not wrong, once again thank you and have a lovely christmas. If i need more debts to chase I will be calling you.

Brad Ludlow, General Manager Kellett Australia Pty Ltd

Thank you so much for your hard work & help with this, we will definitely be calling you again, should the need arise, (hopefully it won’t).

Careen, Crea8 Recruitment

Brilliant! Thank u so much for your hard work and dedication! So easy to work with! Thanks John!

Noah, Media Consultant